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Military newspaper published on the conscription advertising film: to win young people, propagandists need

This summer, such as the weather is generally hot, as well as the recruitment of the Internet and military school enrollment advertising film: April 28, the Chinese military network "battle declaration" the whole network release, causing high attention of domestic and foreign users. Subsequently, the major services have launched commercials. May 18, the information engineering university image film "People's Liberation Army information construction vanguard shocked the secret, the original is he ... ..." start "scraper", 48 hours more than ten million times the click. Electronic engineering college, rocket military engineering university, also have launched commercials, in the major networks and from the media platform set off a patriotic dedication, strong army Yongjun energy boom.
Through the network conscription propaganda hot, we see that the Internet era, in the emotional and rational coexistence of young people in front of the army only conform to the times, bold innovation, rational use of the power of the network in order to maximize attract and gather outstanding youth, For the construction of world-class army continue to enter first-class talent.
The form should conform to the times. The network is accompanied by the growth of the younger generation. With the network concerned about the news hot spots, participate in topic discussions, published personal views, has become a young "way of life." In this situation, the simple indoctrination of the traditional conscription has been lagging behind, far from being able to meet the needs of young people. Where the position should be located. To fundamentally promote the recruitment of propaganda, propaganda ideological workers must adapt to the development of the times, accurately grasp the characteristics of young people, emancipate the mind, advancing with the times, take the initiative to embrace the Internet.
Content to be close to youth. In 2014, a Ministry of Defense website issued by the Xi'an conscription advertising film "the motherland, I came," to countless users left a deep impression. Advertising films to pop songs "small apple" as the background music, fresh style fashion, all of a sudden close to the distance with the young people, so that users exclaimed "did not expect", 5 days time more than 12 million times the hits. Must admit that "fashion" "cool" these young people are concerned about the elements, is undoubtedly to improve the network conscription propaganda attention of the weapon. To meet the new media era, to win young people, advocates need to lower the attitude, change ideas, can not "treble" on the network, resulting in young people at arm's length. In this round of this year's commercials boom, we are pleased to see that the producers leaned down to the country's feelings, bloody play cleverly hidden in the "high-tech" "RAP" and other eye elements, Young people to serve the country enthusiasm.
Communication must follow the law. Based on the mobile Internet microblogging, WeChat and client and other new media, the dissemination of features is the focus, differentiation, timeliness and interaction. To adapt to the characteristics of new media communication, it is necessary to abandon an educational content "take-all" the world's traditional thinking, for different audiences to take a different form of expression and show the way, create their own focus on grounding works, aimed at different types of users precision delivery Educational content. To focus on breaking the dissemination of information "island", can not put the new media into self-built "blackboard". To be good at multi-platform linkage, the overall breakthrough, the formation of joint efforts to achieve cluster effect.
The great cause needs a heroic call. Although we are in a long time in a peaceful environment, but the world is not peaceful. Conscription solid defense, Anguo Xingbang, people are the key factors. Nowadays, the choice of people is becoming more and more diverse. With the pace of reforming the army, we will continue to show the image of the Chinese soldiers with more fullness and self-confidence. We can win the trust of more young people and get their approval