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Dreams can always touch people, big or small. Sometimes the more impossible things, the more powerful the shock. Crossing the limits of ability and doing everything possible to do something that can be called faith is a great thing in itself. Just as Samsung has made the ostrich that can't fly in this advertisement have the dream of flying, going forward.

As a member of the bird, the ostrich wings have been degraded, and the heads are too large, so they become "heterogeneous" with wings but not belonging to the sky. The feeling of flying by chance is due to the development of human science and technology. Like Li An’s words, “I have seen the sea, I can’t pretend that I haven’t seen it.” So even under impossible conditions, I have to stumble and learn to fly.

The ostrich in the film finally flew high, with Elton John's "Rocket Man", with a desperate spirit. Although there are actually many factors that determine the success of each event, a single "persistent determinism" is not reasonable, but aside from other factors, many heroes who step on the mountain must have super perseverance. This kind of strong and beautiful toughness, this belief, is always worthy of respect.

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