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宣传片制作的表现形式和注意事项Promo production and notes

Promo production and notes

The promo can also be seen as a micro-movie. A good promo can not only tell what you want to say, but also guide the viewer to think about certain issues. Therefore, we must pay attention to the form and method of presentation when making the propaganda film. This article will tell you about the expressions and precautions of the production of the promo.

Product promotion film production type:

  1. Product protagonist type: This expression is intended to allow the product itself to exhibit the "intrinsic drama" of the product, making the product a fun and exciting thing; attracting people to watch it and remember it.
  2. Story type: Through the careful design, the content of the enterprise video clip is skillfully integrated into the storyline. The story passes through the middle to the end, such as the same miniature movie to attract the audience to come to the story, and then the story ends. After the audience finishes the story, they Also left a deep impression.
  3. Demonstration type: This expression is to show the characteristics of the product or the place where people excel, let the audience show on the screen, let people see the function of the product is true to solve its suspicion, and enhance the credibility of the information of the promo. And explanatory power.

Note on the presentation of promotional film production:

  1. It must be able to prove the uniqueness of the product, and it is very simple and easy to understand. The more direct and powerful the demonstration is, the more convincing it is.
  2. Must be closely related to the focus of the appeal and interesting, dramatic or surprising and should not be dull.
  3. If possible, use a lens to complete the presentation process, and don't cut the presentation process to win the viewer's trust.
  4. Do not deceive the audience. Only honest and reliable demonstrations can make viewers suspect that this is an over-promotion.

Everyone should remember that the promotional film is marketing and display, so it is necessary to combine the marketing concept and market analysis data to participate in the production of the promotional film.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of peers or similar promotional videos? What are our strengths? What is the trend of our industry? We need to guard against what is being filmed and what our customers know about us. These details need to be fully considered.

The above content briefly talks about the expressions and precautions of the production of the promo. In fact, everyone only needs to remember one principle, that is, the propaganda film must link the product to the user, so it is necessary to fully follow this point in the form of expression.

Regarding the issue of promotional film production, this article focuses on the presentation and considerations at the time of production. If you are still a newbie, then you may wish to refer to the contents of this article when planning the production of promotional videos.