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This 50 copywriter is good!

Two days ago wrote a wish I can write such a good copy, I thought that people will be less, so only selected 20 to the article. Did not expect a lot of children's shoes in the background want to make a little more, so combined with everyone else I like, edited into today's content.
The common denominator of these copies is: short, poking me. As for the will not poke you I do not know. Yes, those who are familiar with such as "New Year does not receive this year," "Yellow Crane and Xiao sister ran" and other brainwashing copy is not in this range.
Ranking in no particular order, purely disorderly row.
1, to conquer, all refuses to accept
From the new Tucson, a cowardly propaganda declaration.
2, we do not produce water, we are only nature porter
And "farmer spring is a bit sweet", "nature porter" is also widely known. Hengda ice spring to take it as a target, played the slogan "not all the water of nature are good water, we are not carrying the surface water", but the intensity of the spread seems less than the former.
3, there are two things I will not miss - go home last train and enjoy every moment of opportunity
From Dove a sensational and lazy ad.
4, you may not be outstanding, but it must be different
Many people are familiar with this chicken soup, but may not know its origin. It comes from Taiwan job search service institutions 104 banks, online video, interested can come to see. The ad won the "2011 Advertising Award".
5, toward life to sell Meng, it will laugh at you
A real estate advertising.
6, life only once, try more
A real estate advertising.
7, in a hurry, always no time
A real estate advertising.
8, love, is to accompany our walking luggage
From 2016 CCTV public service advertising "luggage", deep thought.
9, office not too big, pretend to dream like a good
An office rental advertising, in Guangzhou Pearl River New City Station Line 5 subway often seen.
10, open the door is the door
From the drop.
11, instead of looking elsewhere, it is better to be here side by side
From Tencent microblogging.
12, fingertips, heartless.
From qq Fingertips had been so many years, had QQ long night long chat friends, now also contact?
13, blindly advertised content and ignore the facade, but also kind of superficial
From "Yue" magazine.
14, you are beautiful
From the natural hall, how inspiring and moving slogan ah.
15, all the light, it takes time to be seen
From hammer phone.
16, ten years, 300 million people count the bill was clear, beautiful change is not clear
From the 2009 Alipay launch of the "bill diary", from a girl's life tell the story of Alipay and tell the truth, this life close to the atmosphere of advertising no resistance. Also, copy is also very praise. I like this ad, posted out, traffic party bitter little bit.
17, as long as the non-stop, we will always meet
From Taobao clothing brand walking non-stop.
18, where is not important, it is important to go ah
From the ah.
19, stop and enjoy the beauty
From the United States that mask. In Guangzhou, often take the subway line 5 children of this series of ads should be no stranger.
20, the eyes of the pride of the hometown, should not be the city wanderer
From a real estate advertising.
21, all the language, it is better to go home to eat
From home to eat APP
22, only food and love can not live up to
From the lower kitchen.
23, pain is difficult to avoid, but can choose hardships
From Murakami Haruki, he quotes this sentence for Sapporo Beer, which means that pain is a matter of course, but in what way does it suffer, but it is what you can choose.
24, someone to expel me, someone welcome me
From the watercress.
25, men more than one side
From seven wolves.
26, I can withstand how much slander, can afford to play much praise
From the Fan Bingbing endorsement of the Nokia advertising "do not follow."
27, there are always novelty in the side
From the street, I also like the phrase "so live it."
28, the great antonym is not a failure, but not to fight
From nike microblogging.
29, Yesterday you said tomorrow
From nike. Delay the disease to take a look.
30, three millimeters of the journey, a good grape to go for 10 years
From the Great Wall wine long copy of the case, did not read the proposal to read.
31, the body is not moving, the heart is far
From travel satellite TV.
32, the important thing is nothing to have, but you want to be just around
From the car Skoda.
33, even if you worry about food and clothing, but also feel that you need to take care everywhere
From Liang Zhaowei endorsement of the pill advertising "eye"
34, life, live more than a lifetime
From Remy Martin.
35, love my love
From Chevrolet.
36, the future, for me
From Chevrolet.
37, in romance in Tokyo, but fortunately wine is very strong
From Japan Jiyichuan Chipset.
38, there are brothers, only camp
From the red star Erguotou.
39, was a dreamer, the dream did not, only homesick
From the Ming Ming is tea.
40, installed, the world is yours
From love Huashi luggage.
41, there is no certain height, not suitable for such a low profile
42, step on the red carpet, will dream of stone road
Both from Van Cleancho Santa Fe.
43, obey your desire
From Sprite.
44, time, let love know more love
From the iron when, remember the iron when the phrase "not for everlasting, but for once"
45, so curiosity is no longer alone
Out of knowledge.
46, how rugged, one by one through
From the Philips iron.
47, where the blood sprinkled, youth will end
Movie "Guanyinshan" poster copy.
48, you forget, I remember
Movie "37 times miss you" poster copy.
49, everyone can only accompany you a section of the road
Movie "mountains and rivers old man" poster copy.
50, there is a youth, called the dormitory
The film "Gardenia bloom" copy.
Say good to hang together, you are secretly and the grid.
This is a copy of his childhood memories and laughter...