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The burden of corporate production

Said the production of a corporate video of the weight, the early stage is undoubtedly the film and television planning team fighting and brainstorming. And in the formal preparation of the film, involving a wide range of professional and strong, high degree of clutter shooting behavior, heavy pressure will often fall on a person, that is, as the overall logistics operations to ensure that the producer, this person In the practice of shooting played a vital role.

Its primary point of action should include:

The first and foremost thing is the strict control of the cost of shooting. Corporate video production in the final analysis is a business behavior, then it involves a shooting cost accounting and cost control difficulties. Experienced producers have a lot of experience in the operation of shooting tips. In the shooting, in ensuring the quality of the production of the promissory film should be done before the cost of accounting, the money can not save the province, should not spend a pen can not spend money.

Second, the production of promotional films need to shoot team members and process organizations, according to the practice of shooting situation when the situation, the deployment of personnel properly, a ring buckle; can not be a process error, otherwise it will delay the shooting process, affecting the filming team shooting mood.

In addition, the film production also need to master a very important skill, that is, communication and communication skills. In the process of corporate video film will naturally show a variety of early shooting unpredictable, or sudden things, these things may block the process of shooting, but when the producer and the relevant departments to communicate with the relevant departments May become something that can be done, and vice versa. It depends on the producer's talent to resolve the contradictions, to find a solution.

Finally, the film should also coordinate the relationship with the customer company. Because the corporate video production film not only need to participate in the group to participate in every department and members involved; need all the cooperation with the customer company to be carried out, the need to coordinate the customer company related to all units, personnel and materials.

Of course, corporate film production is not by a certain person can beat the world of the job, but a multi-professional, multi-character composition of the shooting group. Corporate film production group, whether it is large production or small filming, are inseparable from the various links between the individual cooperation. The fixed combination is one of the general characteristics of the corporate video production team, how to combine the "heroes" and give full play to their effects. There must be a question of mutual harmony between each link. Depends on the producer to coordinate.

In addition to relying on the institutionalized standards, accurate and reasonable programs, friendly emotions can be used as a very stable link. As a crew of the coordination of the staff may be a director, there may be a producer, there may be planning people, and even the Trinity of the characters. But only the establishment of a stable team collaboration, in order to ensure the production of corporate videos for the normal.