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The postponement of the promo 5 major points

A good promo, whether it is corporate videos or city videos or real estate videos, the proportion of post-production is extremely important. Especially in the late three-dimensional effects and the development of more and more mature technology nowadays, the success or failure of a promo and post-production are closely linked inseparable. Today, let the move Xiao Bian first to bring you a preliminary understanding of the so-called post-production is divided into what part and what role played by what.

1, early cut, also known as rough cut. Today's postcards are usually made in the computer, so the film shoot material through the conversion, the first input to the computer director and editor can begin to cut early. At the beginning of the cut, the director will take pictures of the material in accordance with the order of the script together, arranged into a no visual effects, no narration and music version of the version. The beginning of the cut is an exciting version, because in the long period of communication through the early, creative planning and countless brainstorming and hard shooting, and finally through the early cut to see the prototype of this film.

2, A copy, that is, through the beginning of the cut that no visual effects, no music and narration version of the version. This version is about to be available to customers to make changes to the customer, which is the customer experienced a variety of communication, accompanied by shooting is completed, excited to see the film the first moment. To the customer to see A copy is sometimes to be stressful, after all, this is not a late addition to the special effects and perfect music of the embryonic film, the overall level is more than the finished product to have a lot of gaps, customers sometimes difficult to understand, that And the expected gap between the larger, so that some difficult to complete the proposed amendments and criticism. Therefore, the film and television advertising company is sometimes willing to trouble a little, add less than the effects and sound effects to the customer before a version.

3, after the customer recognized the A copy, the film company will send a lot of late posture. This represents the film into the formal editing period, this period is also known as fine cut. Fine cut is based on the customer after reading the A copy of the proposed amendments to the amendment, and then part of the three effects to the film to the three. Excellent editors and directors at this time will be a lot of lens arrangement, for the film to add a lot of features and style. With the rapid development of computer technology, and now the film and television production is now able to put all the fantasy into a real picture, and post-production of this period can be completed a lot of three-dimensional effects, the customer expected in the picture one by one. Of course, the more the more exaggerated the idea, the more money you need to create a fine picture.