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The use and classification of film and television advertising

Story type:
  If the story is fascinating, it will resonate with the audience, so as to achieve the purpose of disseminating information.
 Solve problem type:

    Its structure is usually the first problem exaggerated, and then put forward the program. The advantage in the clean, clear, advertising equivalent to other types of advertising four times.
 Life fragment type:
Advertising to restore some of the fragments of life, the goods into which to shorten the psychological distance between consumers and advertising. The point of entry is a form of life, it should make people think that advertising is already a part of real life, and consumer relations are inseparable.
 Celebrity Recommended:
With celebrities to participate in advertising performances, so that advertising goods quickly improve visibility, it is mainly the use of celebrity sensational effect to receive the desired results.

 Empirical type:
Empirical advertising is a kind of rational appeal, as long as the topic to be correct, clear, the audience will be interested in the way of verification of goods, and focus on verification of goods.

Song type
Applicable to the target consumer group comparison of the public products, especially food advertising. A variety of music together naturally make advertising much more color. Advertising songs are easy to please the audience and popularize the spread. Drinks in the world brand Coca-Cola, Pepsi's advertising songs have achieved great success.
The two products directly to the comparison, the effect is significant. But focus on proving that it is superior to the competition of similar competitive goods, it can not help but wantonly belittle others suspected of goods, China does not allow the use of such ads, only their own and their comparison. In the United States two major beverage brands often appear in a comparative way, KFC and other fast food chain competition when the use of comparative advertising.
Animation ads can always cause children's attention, the degree of love has increased, and enduring. For those who realistic way difficult to complete the subject matter, can receive the conventional method is difficult to achieve the special effects.
 Computer special type:
Full computer production of stunts, can greatly improve the advertising of the interesting and observable, its expressive force can often achieve the surprising effect of the audience. Nike sports shoes extravagant play is a typical computer special effects advertising film, it is the performance of several countries in different countries, the world famous star betting with the same football, this scene only through the computer stunt was able to achieve.
 Humor type
Laughter is the world's common language, so humorous advertising is always popular with the audience. Advertising can make people laugh to please the audience, virtually narrow the distance between the audience and the goods, so that the audience a good impression on the goods. Humorous advertising in foreign countries is very common.
This is a kind of extreme freedom of the ultra-realistic creative expression type, it can be real life can not happen, through the rich imagination and presented, so clever to achieve the purpose of advertising.