Submitted by admin on Thu, 03/16/2017 - 14:43

The completion of the promotion video for Shanghai Animal Inspection Institute

As the clenbuterol  for pigs hasn’t passed away, the floating dead pigs on Huangpu River and H7N9 bird flu have appeared. In Shanghai, the international city with exploding amount of material goods, food safety has become the most attentive topic.

As the most important animal inspection institute, Shanghai Animal Inspection Institute keeps fighting for the food safety. It took Greataction half and 7 months to shoot 16 times of promotion video for Shanghai Animal Inspection Institute. The total number of shooting staff is over thousands, the amount of shooting material is more than 1T, as 80-hour original demo.

Since the extremely huge amount of shooting material and the various kinds of contents, Greataciton spent half a year on the producing including take pictures of inspection institute, farms and medicine companies. Thanks a lot for the kind support from Shanghai Animal Inspection Institute including the constructive suggestion from the leaders of the Institute at editing phase.

After all, under the support and guidance of leaders and technicians  from Shanghai Animal Inspection Institute, we achieved a successful completion of the video, which filled the blanks in animal inspection area. The promotion video set up a model and made a loud voice in Chinese Animal Inspection Institute.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Animal Inspection Institute offered shanghai citizens  warm care and assurance. SAII will always pursue food safety for us to have safe food.
We really appreciate your work. With you around us, everything will be fine.