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Corporate videos have to let customers know how to prepare before shooting

Before moving the small series talked about some of the contents of the promo offer, I believe that some people have to produce corporate videos have a preliminary film on the film's awareness. So when we really signed a contract with a film and television advertising company, began to shoot before shooting, the following some of the preparation before shooting can be familiar with.

First of all, the film and television advertising company has a special planning group responsible for the initial communication with customers to understand the needs of the film, including the film to complete the time node, including the film needs to shoot the venue, etc., can be a preliminary understanding. From the customer to determine the creative script to practice before the promo film, are attributed to this stage, during this period, the corporate video content and corporate videos will be the specific shooting plan will be gradually formed, the specific shooting preparation will gradually perfect.

Next, the film and television planning group and the production team will be closely with customers to communicate, open several times the PPM meeting, to further understand the customer companies and goods. In this process it is necessary to understand the customer's corporate videos of the audience, shooting scenes, and is not required to model or all by the customer company staff and so on. And confirm the specific shooting date, as well as the length of the film and show what language version.

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Then, when all the planning program has been approved by the customer, the production team and the creative team to make early creative script plans and quotes. Customers to corporate videos and corporate videos of the length of the performance, delivery date, delivery date, etc., and film and television advertising companies to reach the same, if necessary, can be written to help customers understand the corporate videos and corporate videos creative Ideas, audience goals, the origin of ideas and film and television performance techniques. This time the film and television advertising company will submit a specific implementation of the script and the timetable. The implementation of the script will show the specific shooting process and shooting the contents of each link there is time.

Then, the director and the film will be carried out in the early view, it is very important. Equivalent to the scene to shoot a rehearsal, experienced director can skillfully shoot the scene environment and the script script to show the content linked together. And will pay attention to the scene of the environment, is not conducive to the film's filming, or whether it is suitable for scenery; when the director is ready, will polish the execution script. After shooting the implementation of the script allows customers to understand the intuitive understanding of corporate structure after the formation of all the contents and effects. Of course, the implementation of the implementation of the script also requires the company's related personnel to cooperate with the film company's film production scripting and shooting arrangements. Shooting the scene of the business arrangements in the order of the office, according to the shooting site of the light, the personnel involved, the use of shooting props, the number of actors, each with the actual situation of the scene to keep tight. Every aspect of the content requires the producer to think about it, then the next shooting trip can do more smoothly. When we produce and the client company responsible staff to do these preparations are ready, shooting preparatory work also do almost, that is to shoot corporate videos have been successful in half, from the promo to complete the perfect ending even more A step closer.