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Convinced that the power of light, Mosley to witness the women's volleyball miracle

This morning, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the news brush burst microblogging, friends circle, this is a national joy of the moment. This is the Olympic team won the most Chinese air, the most gold of a gold medal. Chinese women's volleyball team sponsor Mosley Ann is undoubtedly the biggest winner in life.

"Chinese women's volleyball team firmly believe that the power of light, Mosley to witness the women's volleyball." Let us to revisit this ad.






Have to say that Mosley security on the treasure, and more importantly, we have been convinced that the spirit of women's volleyball never left.

  In the early eighties of the last century, it was a time for the Chinese people to fight for the "ball", which was abandoned and confused. The Chinese people needed spiritual idols and the Chinese women's volleyball team was born.
      On the evening of November 16, 1981, the whole country seemed to be stalled, and the people of the whole country remained in front of the black and white TV and radio. At this time, the third women's volleyball World Cup final was underway and the Chinese team against the host Japan. In the home fans deafening cries, a girl called Lang Ping buckle the world champion, the Chinese women's volleyball team 3 to 2 difficult to win.



Year of the peak of the Chinese women's volleyball team, is the undisputed "dream team". Women's volleyball has the Olympic Games, the World Cup and World Championship this "three contest", "three contest" are held once in four years.

From 1981 to 1986, these six years, they did not let any one champion championship.


5 matches

Champion all the Chinese women's volleyball team

That era, is a brilliant "five consecutive years" period

Has been engraved into the national memory


Won the 2003 World Cup

2004 Athens Olympic Games to win

World Cup win 2015

After a lapse of 12 years

Rio in 2016

    Chinese women's volleyball team under the leadership of coach Lang Ping, biting Sike Si, one by one to the top of the move, step by step forward move, bitter battle 4 Bureau beat the Dutch team, once again into the Olympic finals, and finally ushered in a victory, Tears of victory, green history left the victory.

    On the long road of life, we can not have everything sailing, always encounter difficulties and setbacks, and even in adversity, but as long as we have a firm ambition, there is courage to overcome difficulties, perseverance perseverance, we can win Tomorrow's success.