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2013 ‘The night of Muse’—a dialogue between Porcelain city and Shanghai

In summer 2013, Greataction invited Chengde Xuan , a specialist of customized Qipao and high-class handmade porcelains, and elite real estate ‘Star River’to bring the audience a charming art feast. During the show ‘The night of muse’, local financial celebrities, artists and social elites talked about the arts and life.

Nowadays, a lot of Chinese know how to make money and chase fortune. What’s more, they want to rest for a while to enjoy life without being interrupted.  Enjoy the picture and idea of white glaze is the topic of the show.
The female guests are invited to wear the Qipao which are offered by Chengde Xuan and lighted up the stage. Qipao is a combination of delicacy, fairness and elegance. With holding the white glazed cup by Chengde xuan, we tasted the tea to forget about the noise, and feel the slow pace of life.

Nowadays the culture circle has been increasingly mature, as the partner of Chengde Xuan and Star River, Greataction will hold the interactive marketing event regularly. The marketing event is to bring the high level customers together. To make the elites feel the enjoyment of talking with each other to make the cooperation opportunity.